3 Amenities at Independent Living Facilities Your Loved Ones Can Enjoy

amenities at independent living facilities

One of the biggest draws for seniors considering communal living spaces is the amenities at independent living facilities. These amenities are meant to make seniors' lives easier while ensuring their quality of life, and as a result, many of these communities can be almost resort-like. Here are some of the amenities your senior loved one may enjoy if they move to a senior living facility.

1. Maintenance Support

Many seniors are adequately prepared to live independently with some support. According to Zippia, about 70% of people aged 65 or older will need some long-term care arrangement during their lifetime. However, many seniors are healthy and able to live comfortably with some assistance. Most independent living facilities provide maintenance support. Living independently is easier when there is someone nearby to help with maintenance needs like changing lightbulbs, climbing on ladders to make repairs, and cutting the grass if needed. This support can make a big difference to your senior loved one's ability to live independently.

2. Social Activities and Transportation Support

Many seniors find it difficult to drive, but they still want to participate in social activities. Fortunately, many independent living facilities provide transportation. A high-quality community will have a social calendar chock full of fun activities, such as exercise classes, shopping trips, and other organized events. Having access to transportation services means residents can enjoy all of these things even if they aren't able to drive on their own.

3. Great Meal Options

The best senior living facilities offer healthy and delicious meal options. Seniors can choose to eat meals with other residents, or they may have the option to prepare their own food. Many facilities have both indoor and eating areas. Plus, a lot of facilities host special meals for holidays.

Your senior loved one will love the opportunity to be pampered at an independent living facility. These vibrant communities and their amenities can rival those that you find at luxury resorts. Contact Red Stone Estates to learn more about the amenities at independent living facilities and how they can help your senior loved one have the lifestyle they deserve. You can also schedule an appointment to take a tour of our community. We look forward to providing the perfect new home for that special senior in your life.

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