3 Amenities at Independent Living Facilities Your Loved Ones Can Enjoy

One of the biggest draws for seniors considering communal living spaces is the amenities at independent living facilities. These amenities are meant to make seniors' lives easier while ensuring their quality of life, and as a result, many of these communities can be almost resort-like. Here are some of the amenities your senior loved one […]

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Red Stone Estates: Independent Living in Chattanooga Tennessee for Seniors' Peace of Mind

As we age, many of us want to maintain our independence while still receiving the care and support we need. Independent living communities can provide seniors with a sense of community, security, and peace of mind. Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great place for independent living, and Red Stone Estates is one of the best communities […]

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The Best Activities for Grandchildren in Chattanooga

The relationship between grandchild and grandparent is one of life's true joys. I have such beautiful memories of my grandpa coming to pick me up to go fishing. I see can see the candy he carried in his pocket, Werthers Original, and the smell of his car. The memories you create with your grandchildren will […]

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